please leave me alone but tell me you love me

by slugflesh

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these are some of my poems written over top of some of my favorite artists' work. they mean a lot to me and i hope they mean a lot to you too.


released January 18, 2016

austin/teeks from slow hollows
lucas/ saturday night supercade
and bob ross




slugflesh Union City, Pennsylvania

the harsh reality of living. in art form.

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Track Name: orange hair
i gave the lyrics to alyssa so i don't have the paper anymore sorry
Track Name: let me be myself
when i was little all they ever said was, "oh she's a tomboy"
"oh, she likes boy stuff"
"why does she wear boy's clothes?"
as if clothes and toys have a gender
i don't wear boys clothes,
i wear MY clothes
i don't have to assign myself to a specific gender that has been set by society
we are not broken
we weren't just born with the wrong parts
we are valid
we are humans who deserve respect
you think people are trans for attention?
You think it's a choice?
i would do anything to be born with insides that matched my outsides on any given day.
i would do anything to stop getting looks for not shaving my armpits because i am a girl.
i am a girl?
why don't you tell that to face in the mirror looking back at me when all i can see is someone i don't know.
i am important.
we are important.
never let them silence you.